A little over a week ago I interviewed Pharoahe Monch in London. It was cool meeting him because I consider him one of the greatest lyricists of all time. But also because he’s responsible for several classic songs I grew up listening to, from Fuck You to Right Here, Simon Says to The Light, Mayor to Oh No. While preparing for the interview, I listened to a lot of his music and fell back in love with one of his more recent tracks, Bar Tap.

Produced by Black Milk, the song was featured on Desire and displays Pharoahe’s skill with words, as even a simple drink order is constructed in a creative manner. His sing-song style compliments the melody perfectly making it the type of song you can easily play on a loop.

The night of the interview I went to his show at Scala, which was probably the best one I’ve been to this year. With such complex rhymes, it was important for the sound to be on point and it was. Watching him recite lyrics acapella was a special moment.

Look out for the interview coming soon.

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