Roc Marciano has revealed that he and Alchemist have plans for an album all of their own…


Long Island rapper, Roc Marciano and award-winning producer, Alchemist are no strangers. Last year they worked together on Roc’s Reloaded, plus Alchemist’s Russian Roulette LP and they’re set to collaborate even further this year.

Roc is set to feature on Albert Einstein this month, which will be produced by Prodigy and Alchemist, and it is reported that Alchemist will work on Roc’s third solo record, Marci Beaucoup, which is set to be released this summer.

Marciano said on the news, “Me and Alchemist are working on a project. Him making beats, and me rhyming. I’m not gonna say it’s next, but it’s one of the things I’m working on. We don’t have a name for it yet. Me and the Arch Druids, we’re done. Scorched Earth Policy. That’ll be one of the projects you’ll be hearing in the near future [after Marci Beaucoup].”

It seems the pair are creating music at an alarming rate, which is a great thing for hip-hop fans.

Words by Patrick Swift.

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