I’ve mentioned previously that I’m off to New York this summer, but I haven’t explained the reason I’m going. Me and my home girl Lauryn are heading to Rock The Bells, (also known as the best Hip Hop festival in the world). The line up this year is absolutely insane, as you can see from the flyer.

I’ve never seen Wu Tang on stage as a full group before, and sadly never will (R.I.P ODB) but to see the remaining members performing 36 Chambers in it’s entirety is something that I never imagined I would see. I am also excited to see KRS One who I first saw perform when I was only 8 years old. Plus I’m going to see my style icon Slick Rick, I might try and bring some of his jewels back with me. Plus Lauryn Hill, Snoop and a Tribe Called Quest, DJ Premier, Clipse and Immortal Technique.

This is the holiday of a lifetime for the both of us so we’ve bought the VIP Baller tickets. Oh yes, VIP Party, Champagne and Cabanas. Also included is an artist meet and greet, which sounds a little too good to be true. Lauryn is planning to lick Method Man’s face, which hopefully won’t result in us being kicked off Governors Island. We shall see.

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