Living up to his title as The Hybrid, Danny Brown has managed to release his new video S.O.S. at the speed of a robot. Only last week I posted the video for Shooting Moves, the second track from his album. This week it’s time for the third, S.O.S. (Shaq On Stilts); a simile for being high. Brown shows his versatility on this song, with a slightly more gentle sound than some of his other material. Anyone that has expressed dislike towards the sound of his voice will have difficulty dismissing S.O.S. as he raps with softer tones.

In the past, Brown has named Andre 3000 as one of his main influences and it’s most noticeable on this song. The calm flow and slightly surreal lyrics are highly reminiscent of Mr Benjamin, particularly lines like, “I’m sipping Vodka straight, eating on fish eggs, cashmere and the colour pastel” As usual, Brown’s humour is on point with one liners like, “Hitting y’all raw is like wetting Gizmo after 12,” a reference to the classic eighties film, Gremlins.

If you still haven’t downloaded his album, The Hybrid (for free) don’t even talk to me, just leave quietly. Thank you.

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