ScHoolboy Q is going to introduce Oxymoron with a little help from 50 Cent…


Following the pair working together on Can I Speak To You?, ScHoolboy Q now wants 50 Cent to feature on the intro of his new album, Oxymoron.

It seems that Q is having trouble getting 50 to do the verse he wants though, as he explained: “See, this is the thing. Me and 50 [Cent] done did like a million records and he still didn’t do the verse I want [him to do]. He too rich, man. He too rich. That’s what that means.”

ScHoolboy Q elaborated further, making it clear that he wants 50 on the intro: “All the songs we did was awesome, but I want him on my intro, like the intro of [Oxymoron]. I’m waitin’ for him to do it; he’s just too rich.”

The Los Angeles rapper, who is know for his comedic value, recently joked that 50 is too busy doing shooting commercials with Vitamin Water and Mountain Dew to do the verse he wants.

Q has also confirmed Pharrell and David Banner for production credits on Oxymoron, which is an album which promises to be a very interesting TDE/Interscope label debut indeed.

Words by Patrick Swift.


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