Musician Grace Jones has been an icon in popular culture since she began her career in the early 1970s. She became a pioneer of the edgy androgynous look mainly due to her cropped hair and love of tailoring. However, Jones was always fully in touch with her feminine side and proud to display her body. Which, by the way, is the sickest body known to man or woman!

Her long term partner Jean Paul Goude, an illustrator and photographer is responsible for some of her most notorious images, most notably the photo of an almost naked Jones, stretching while holding a microphone. Goude was instrumental in structuring her style and encouraging the singer into a stronger aesthetic turning Jones into a female warrior with a strong, aggressive appearance.

Her fearless sense of style is extremely inspirational. Remember, she dressed provocatively a long time before Lady Gaga. Yet unlike most pop stars today, she never appeared to be trying too hard. In the 1970s and 1980s she was famed for her insane outfit options such as wearing nothing but wire armour and body paint, applied by Keith Haring. Who else?

Looking at popular culture today, it’s clear this look is on a comeback. The Vogue Italia shoot featuring Rihanna is probably the most obvious example. But it can also be seen in the styling of many new faces on the catwalk, such as Sessilee Lopez and new girl, Rose Cordero. Her hairstyle on the Louis Vuitton catwalk this season has been lifted straight from the head of Mrs Jones. It’s no wonder Grace Jones is being referenced so heavily – she looks amazing! Like a mystical creature, she’s so Amazonian, she almost doesn’t appear real. It seems people had forgotten about her until her return to music last year. Rihanna has frequently referenced Jones and her choice of outfit to Intermix for Fashion’s Night Out was further proof that the pop star is mimicking Jones’ style. You know, in the rap game this would be called biting.

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