Featured in this week’s #LilyLoves, have a look at the new collection from Swanz Fly. The Heavy collection features a leather jacket, silk scarfs and a beautifully patterned pink and baby blue print sweater.

 photo d30698de-040c-4351-945b-602f7e1c6baf_zpsefa1228f.jpg

“Heavy” is old London slang for cool. It’s really a feeling I felt when I was a rowdy teenager, but it’s also about strength and weightiness. I just felt like women are not often seen as strong figures and we are as strong if not stronger than men; we have to give birth and shit. At the moment, I’m really into women empowerment especially with my youth work, so that’s how it’s come out in my clothes. Original streetwear was all about expression and oppression, so that’s what “Heavy” is.”

 photo c9555003-3f1e-4bda-bcc0-24164b2371fb_zps97e8a3f4.jpg

 photo 034eaad7-5ddf-4fa8-9851-1a7a6dcc96fb_zps17b68fe6.jpg

 photo e1a7ea2a-1b29-43e7-840f-d871b4d7692c_zpsd91731bf.jpg

 photo 7f4028cc-f4ed-4f4f-be65-79a7bff1829f_zpsc56d0339.jpg

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