April 9, 2019

[Podcast] Viper’s Nest Episode 1 [@vipermagazine].

Viper’s Nest is a new podcast from the team behind Viper Magazine. Recorded in London in March 2019, the first episode features a discussion about Cancel Culture, following Daniel Caesar defending YesJulz. The group also chat about which musician they would cast as their crush in a music video, their favourite new artists and faux […]

The Dani Show.

My girl Danielle recently launched her amazing new radio show, The Dani Show in which she shares music and discusses controversial topics. In episode one, she expressed her opinions on Kat Stacks and Gamu Nhengu’s immigration issues and plays tracks by Ms Bratt and Jessie J. In episode two she explains why the government loves […]


True Hip Hop Stories.

If you don’t know about DJ D-Nice, you should really get to know. Obviously he’s pretty good on the wheels of steel, but he’s also a photographer, filmaker and all round creative dude. You may recognise the name, he was one third of Boogie Down Productions and got a million shout outs on Criminal Minded. His […]


Experiences V Security

Recently I went to see the film, Get Him To The Greek, because I’m super cool and cultured… But anyway, there’s a scene in which Russell Brand says something about life being better through love and security rather than experiences, or something equally deep and meaningful. I don’t agree. As shallow as it sounds, at […]


Fight the Power.

This is a really good interview to watch if you’re into Hip Hop and the Illuminati. Fuck that, it’s just a really good interview in general. Professor Griff, formerly a member of Public Enemy knows how to create quite a stir. Here he explains why his house got burnt down, why Nas & Jay-Z made […]