July 7, 2017

Throwback: Mobb Deep Live Session NYC.

There are a lot of things I’ve done in my career that I feel I never get to celebrate, so I wanted to start a new feature on the site, as a way to spotlight some of the amazing things that have happened or that I’ve been able to witness whilst I’ve been doing this […]

[Interview] Ghostface Killah.

Following his performance at the opening of Supreme‘s first London store, Ghostface Killah tells SBTV’s Editor, Lily Mercer, the most romantic thing a woman’s done for him, his six favourite rappers and what to expect from his upcoming projects: DOOMStarks, Wu Block, Supreme Clientele 2 and the new Wu Tang album. LM. Supreme brought you […]


Just Blaze & Achemist.

Interviewing Just Blaze and Achemist was an experience I will never forget. I fully expected them to be serious dudes with enormous egos considering their impressive list of production credits. In actual fact they’re two of the funniest guys you will ever meet and have egos the size of tiny woodland creatures. As much as […]


Ill Bill & Vinnie Paz.

Last week I got a last minute request to interview Vinnie Paz and Ill Bill, which I wasn’t going to turn down. I’m pretty sure the Heavy Metal Kings weren’t expecting me to walk in the room, but despite their initial surprise, they soon discovered that I’m not as retarded as I look. Twenty minutes […]


Ski Beatz.

When I saw that Ski Beatz was coming to London, I made use of my cat-like reflexes and quickly contacted him to request an interview. A few emails later and I was in. It turns out that Ski is on a top secret mission for which he requires an army of UK ninjas. What he […]