October 1, 2015

Clash Magazine: Mac Miller: Hip-Hop’s New Heavyweight Cleans Up *Cover Story*.

Words: Lily Mercer
Photography: Liam MF Warwick

Mac Miller is one of the most likeable rappers on the planet. Unless you’re a rap purist, in which case you probably frown at his back catalogue of happy-go-lucky hip-hop. But Mac’s grown up. The last year has seen him move city, overcome a drug addition and indulge in an impressive production career. As Loaded Lux asks on the album, many are now wondering who the fuck is Mac Miller?

The release of his new album, ‘Watching Movies With The Sound Off’, witnesses a big change from his debut album, ‘Blue Slide Park’. In comparison, the promotion for ‘WMWTSO’ has been organic: gimmick-free and without the support of thousand-dollar ad campaigns. He explains: “The first album was designed to sell. Now, it’s like I just did it with the music. I didn’t have to do a competition or have a big single all over the place, people heard the music and word of mouth spread.”

A set of singles – ‘S.D.S.’, ‘Watching Movies’ and ‘Goosebumpz’ – was released prior to the complete project, which was accompanied by respectable press and non-invasive advertising. Production comes courtesy of elite producers including Pharrell Williams, Alchemist, Diplo and Flying Lotus. Not to mention Earl Sweatshirt under his Randomblackdude alter ego, plus Mac himself, who produced almost a third of the album.

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