This year’s statement bag has arrived, courtesy of Chanel. While it’s no secret that Chanel bags are more desirable than carrots to a Donkey, Karl Lagerfeld has outdone himself this time. Taking inspiration from the time Coco Chanel spent in Russia, he was influenced by Russia’s most popular doll, the Matryoshka.

In Russian folklore the Matryoshka is considered a symbol of femininity. The name derives from the term ‘Mater’, meaning Mother. The dolls act as a metaphor for reproduction as the dolls gradually become smaller until you reach the smallest doll, which is traditionally a baby.

While the classic quilted clutch is the more dominant of Chanel accessories, the ‘Matrioshka’ bag offers a unique slice of Chanel unlikely to be seen on anyone else. It’s not the most practical of bags (you can barely fit a phone inside) but you will not be short of admirers with this bad boy hanging from your wrist. Unfortunately you may be short of funds as it will set you back a hefty £2,500. But for those who are lucky enough to have that money lying around like loose change, the bag will be available in Chanel stores from June. Lucky Lily Allen, who was recently confirmed as the new face of Chanel handbags, has had the Matryoshka since January.

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