My girl Danielle recently launched her amazing new radio show, The Dani Show in which she shares music and discusses controversial topics. In episode one, she expressed her opinions on Kat Stacks and Gamu Nhengu’s immigration issues and plays tracks by Ms Bratt and Jessie J. In episode two she explains why the government loves dunce breeds, breaking down government policy in a very entertaining way. She also ends the Nicki Minaj v Lil’ Kim beef with a song-off.

Dani is a truly amazing person. She’s funny, honest, outspoken, caring and intelligent. She’s also an incredibly talented fashion designer, as well as a skilled filmmaker. She has many strings to her bow. Watch out for this girl.

There are many pictures of Dani I could have chosen, but my personal favourite is the one shown on this Bounty flyer.

Check out the first and second instalments of The Dani Show below…

Follow Dani on Twitter at @danilorum and The Dani Show at @TheDaniShow.

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