Kanye West continues his mammoth press run as he continues the Yeezus tour in New York. He stopped by The Breakfast Club, Juan Epstein and Sway In The Morning, where he inexplicably began shouting at Sway. [No one puts Sway in the corner Kanye.]

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While Kanye is undoubtedly heavily informed on the industries that he contributes to, he comes across fairly misinformed in some of the interviews, including the statement that women in London don’t wear engagement rings, when talking to The Breakfast Club. Kanye, I was born in London and we wear rings just like other countries to.

While there’s nothing wrong with being misinformed, it’s his willingness to enforce his opinion on other people that is a little off-putting. While his views on culture and society today are undoubtedly interesting, it would be good if he could make similar statements in a positive way. Such as name checking the people of colour working within the fashion industry, such as Andre Leon Talley, Olivier Rousteing, Moises de la Renta and countless others, instead of stating there are no black men making shirts.

It’s a great watch for anyone keen to learn how to duck an interview question. Hands down the finest moment in TBC’s interview is when Charlemagne asks Kanye why he tells the world he’s a genius and he responds, it’s because Nike didn’t have a release date for the Red Octobers so he had to crowdsource. Sorry Kanye, what was that? Or rather, how the fuck does that relate to the question?!

I just hope that one day, Kanye’s attention seeking will be for the good of someone that isn’t him.

Ps – If you have allergies to Kanye West wisdom, it’s best to only watch Juan Epstein’s interview.

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