Confident that anything Wu Tang do is immediately accepted as cool, my girl Lauryn once coined the term, “That’s not Wu Tang,” to accurately describe things that she felt weren’t cool. On that note, this is most definitely not Wu Tang…

In case it wasn’t already obvious to this bitch, Andy Milonakis is not a valid hood pass.

This shit makes me ashamed to be white and female. I don’t know why little white girls feel the need to boast about AK-47s and drop N bombs. I don’t care if you grew up in the hood, I don’t care if you are literally the only white person in your entire city, you don’t have the right to use a word that symbolises the pain and anger of generations before you.

The fact that she labels herself as a member of the White Girl Mobb is even worse. Is she so retarded that she doesn’t see how the track may accidentally get the support of white supremacists under the impression that she’s down with them?

Similarly, I witnessed a Twitter conversation between Chuck D and some stupid white American who, after referring to Chuck as an “old rap n****,” tried to tell the PE legend that it was OK for him to use the term as his black friends had given him a pass. What the kid didn’t seem to understand is that his friends are clearly as mentally unstable as he is. Who are they to give permission to any token white boy? I wonder if they each paid a visit to their grandparents to check they were cool with this any token white boy throwing around a term that may have been used so viciously towards them.

In my eyes, replacing an ‘er’ with an ‘a’ doesn’t really mean shit if it still comes out of a white person’s mouth. Maybe my opinion is old school, but I technically don’t give a fuck. You can be the biggest hip hop fan in the world, but if you don’t understand the strength that word possesses as an insult, you’re a damn fool.

Ps – White boys, you’re the worst. PLEASE stop saying the N word when quoting other people’s lyrics – it still counts.

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