I’ve been a fan of UK Hip Hop since the days when fake I.D was essential to get into Kung Fu nights, but over the last few years I’ve been slightly disappointed by what’s on offer in the UK. While I think it’s worth celebrating the mainstream success of formerly underground artists. I like my music to come with a parental advisory sticker, not a T4 special. For this reason, one of the only UK artists I fully support is Ramson Badbonez.

A couple weeks ago, I got a call inviting me to listen to his new release, The Official Part 2. Thank fuck because I’ve rinsed the last few he’s put out. On Part 1 of the The Official series, Badbonez adapted classic instrumentals to give them a London twist, such as Children’s Story 2006 and The London Realness. But Part 2 consists of original production from Farma G, Harry Love, DJ IQ and Wizard, plus many more. There are cameos from Remus, Skandal and Ironbraydz, among others. The CD consists of nineteen tracks; my personal favourites are Upset Us, Burning Bushes, Heavily Stoned (Opium Den), Let Ya Self Go and Fuck Em. These days I find it very hard to pay for music since there is so many free stuff worth listening to, but I guarantee you this is worth the money.

The Official Part 2 by Ramson Badbonez is available from iTunes, Amazon and Suspect Packages, but in the meantime, revisit Part 1…

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