Chicago production/art collective THEMpeople have been dropping constant tracks ever since 2014 began. Now, they release visuals for The New Mecca, the introductory track for their forthcoming project, SmokeBreaks IV, dropping on Monday. Featuring vocalists Michael Anthony and theMIND, here’s what THEMpeople had to say about the video:

[Over the past 2 years, Chicago’s music scene has gone through a revolution sonically and culturally. Newfound interest in genre fusion and collaboration in the art world has shown strong signs of a renaissance in the city. As history has shown, every renaissance has it’s cultural pocket or “home”, if you will, with untapped nouns being responsible for the creation of history in real time.

This visual is symbolic of some of the seeds we have planted in what is Chicago today and merely a taste of what the city is preparing to present to the world. Our forthcoming project SMOKE BREAKS IV is an audio time capsule of Chicago’s musicianship interpreted through our own sonic perspectives which we loosely refer to as Soul Fi or I.L.M (intelligent Lo-fi music).

SMOKE BREAKS– set to release, Mon. April 7, is a depiction of the New Urban contemporary Mecca of music.

Our music studio and artistry has influenced the sound and executive production of the city’s most progressive bodies of work. KENE, Chance the Rapper, Legit, Joey Purp, The GTW, No Name Gypsy, Vic Mensa, Nico Segal, Caleb James, etc etc. have all been a part of our environment that we have built organically on love, the theory of 10,000 hours of mastery, and the freedom to express and discuss.

Filmed by Michael Anthony (Curator of the production crew) and William Archetype the piece gives you a first person view into the Art circle THEMpeople.]

Via GoodTimes.

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