Danny Brown is a beast.

In just over two minutes The Hybrid displays his signature style, switching topics so quickly you barely notice that he’s jumped from drug-influenced prostitution to a chicken-related insult. They say laughter is the best medicine, which makes Danny a certified Doctor. His bars are far more entertaining than other rappers out there but he possesses such skill with word play that he is able to disguise his true intentions, which are to expose social issues in need of recognition.

Many of Danny’s lyrics will go over listeners heads. After more than a year of listening to his music, there are many things I still don’t understand (I need to step up my basketball and video game knowledge). But that’s the beauty of it, the same way a good book should be read more than once. There’s nothing simplistic about what he’s saying; even a song like Dick Suck isn’t as basic as being about oral stimulation. As he continues on a one-man crusade to open the minds of his listeners, I just hope he doesn’t keep us waiting for XXX too much longer. Come on Danny, my ears are bored.

Maybe he could tell because yesterday he dropped a new track, Blunt After Blunt. Download it here.

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