Anger is an emotion that affects us all. But when used positively, it can be a powerful emotion able to create intense changes, concepts and creations. One example of this is the civil rights movement. In an attempt to combat their frustration, many people attempt to gloss over the problems, choosing instant gratification through celebrity weeklies and fashion magazines. This short-term solution to happiness is damaging in the long term as people begin to feel helpless in the belief that they are unable to change the things that make them unhappy.

There is a lack of intelligent publications for young people Therefore the intentions behind Viper are to create a magazine that discusses social issues which anger young people. It is time for a new magazine to invigorate young adults, one that deals with issues that frustrate today’s youth. Young people today are angry. They are angry that jobs are scarce, that they are judged at first glance, they are angry that we’re fighting a war in another country when so much needs to be done at home. These people are in need of a platform to voice their opinions from. This platform is Viper Magazine.

The unique selling point of Viper is that it is the only magazine to examine these problems and their causes for this age group. There are some intelligent magazines that cover social issues, but none of them appeal directly to young people.

The magazine is angry and outspoken in tone but promotes anger release through creativity. A selection of established artists and musicians on the underground scene in London will feature alongside original photography from up and coming photojournalists.

Viper will speak up for the disillusioned, disaffected youth of today and share their anger.

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