With tattooed limbs and provocative lyrics, he stands out in the gangsta rap scene. Now it seems like Waka Flocka is the latest rapper to be made an example of by the police.

Since 2Pac first shouted ‘thug life’ gangsta rap has attracted the attention of the law. And it seems nothing has changed in the 21st century. As the most recent victim, Flocka has attracted his fair share of scrutiny over the last year. His latest arrest came following a raid on his Atlanta home in December. Though he was not home at the time, several men at the property were arrested on minor drug and gun possession charges. Gucci Mane was at the house during the raid and was handcuffed, but not arrested. At that moment Waka was on his way to court, tweeting, “THE FOLKS JUST KICK MY DOOR N GOOD THING I LEFT FOR COURT LOL”

Flocka was later booked on several charges, including marijuana and hydrocone possession, firearm possession by a felon, probation violation for driving on a suspended license and violating the state’s Anti-Gang laws. Having handed himself in to police on January 3rd, Flocka was released on the 5th after he posted a $40,000 bond. He was already on probation after he was found in possession of a shotgun earlier this year. The raid was a violation of his probation leading to a high bond.

His manager/mother, Debra Antney, argued that the guns were legally owned saying, “They found the security, his gun [he’s] licensed to carry. Waka’s security and his cousin was sleeping in the room. The door was locked and what they kicked it in for I don’t know, because if they would have asked for the code, we would have given it.” Antney pointed out the effect the arrests are having on her son’s career, “You put this big thing out there and start scaring sponsors,” she said. “It was two officers there that let us know and that s**t was bulls**t!”

Waka Flocka’s gang affiliation has been discussed in the past. Though the rapper does not openly state membership to any gang, he is rumoured to be a member of the Bloods. His Hard In The Paint video only boosted those rumours. The video saw the rapper shut down The Jungle, an area in LA known as gang territory. You’ve gotta have friends in high places to pull something like that off.

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