If you missed World’s Fair’s debut album, Bastards Of The Party, when it dropped recently, you missed out. Read a mini-review below.


The Queens, New York sextet consists of Cody B. Ware, Prince SAMO, Jeff Donna, and Children Of The Night members Nasty Nigel, Lansky Jones and Remy Banks.

You couldn’t assemble a group of MCs who are more different than each other if you tried, but when World’s Fair combine on the track it just seems to work so effortlessly. There’s a flow to suit every flavour, with Cody representing for the heavy metal fans, Nigel for the Spanish speakers, and Jeff for the lexically dextrous. Their personalities come across strongly, with Remy – the laid back smoker and Prince – the rowdy Reggae lover going their differences as they go back to back on Get Out. Following their first headline show in London last summer, Lansky Jones throws in some British references on Heathrow, one of the album’s strongest tracks.

World’s Fair are in particularly fine form on their debut album Bastards Of The Party, which is available for free download via A-Trak’s label Fools Gold Records. Though heavily linked to their peers in the new New York scene, such as Flatbush Zombies, Tan Boys and The UnderAchievers, there are no features on the album, allowing the group to shine to their full extent.

The album offers something for everyone from rough and rowdy party anthems like B.O.T.P to more laid back and chilled vibes of the catchy track that is ’96 Knicks, which by the way has an amazing Sports Centre referencing video. Rearview, a soothing track for the ladies, features reflective verses from Remy, Lansky and Cody, while Wave Ride’s moody vibe demonstrates the album’s emotive side.

Bastards of the Party‘s production provides a strong backdrop for the epic rhymes featured on the project, with in-house producer Black Noi$e displaying his versatility. Though there are countless releases from Children of the Night, plus Cody, Prince and Jeff’s solo projects, Bastards Of The Party establishes  World’s Fair as the next guys to carry the torch for NYC.

Download Bastards of the Party in time for the weekend.


Words by Patrick Swift.

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