I’m kind of ignorant to global music, in the sense that I listen to very little Hip Hop outside of the US & UK. When I saw this Dope D.O.D video, I assumed they were American until I heard their Dutch accents. Their latest track, Psychosis, with Sean Price, led me to the What Happened video, which came out in late January.

The video is stunning and fits the track perfectly. Their music bears a Cypress Hill/Onyx feel, with a healthy dose of Horrorcore. Based on the their vocal style, two of the MCs are reminiscent of B-Real and RA the Rugged Man.

It’s rare that I come across a group that immediately makes me excited about their existence. The last time I felt this curious about one was the now notorious, Odd Future. Some research revealed that Dope D.O.D began releasing music in 2008 but they’re now making a return to the scene with What Happened, Pyschosis and Redrum. The about section on their website reveals that they may not be from this planet…

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