Location: Chicago
Age: 18
Releases: Alter Ego, Winter’s Diary, Blunts & Ballads

1. What’s the meaning behind your name?
Tink actually is just a childhood name and I stuck with it. It sounded dope on the track, like ‘Yo this is Tink’, it sounds hot.

2. What other names have you had?
Tink, a lot of people all me Tink G ‘cause I say that on my songs. Tink and Tink G, that’s really it.

3. Which song of yours would you first want people to hear?
I’d probably want them to hear Finger’s Up because it sums me up in in one big song, plus it shows my singing as well as my rapping. There’s so much energy in that song, so you’ll really get to know me with Finger’s Up.

4. Who was your Hip Hop idol growing up?
Well growing up, I’m going to have to say Nicki Minaj.

5. Which musician would you most like to work with?
I would really, really, really like to work with Frank Ocean.

6. If you weren’t making music, what would you be doing instead?
I would probably be doing something in fashion, trying to get a fashion store or fashion line. At the moment I really like a Chicago label; Doobie clothing. I’m wearing them now.

7. What’s success to you?
Success is being able to live comfortably. Success is when you wake up everyday and you know that you’re good.

8. Which country produces the best food and men?
Umm, that’s so hard. I think I’d have to say Canada, Canadian men are cute. And food, I really haven’t tasted a lot of other countries so I’m going to say my country, American food. [Especially food from] the Southern states.

9. What’s your vice?
My vice is probably rolling up, my fav probably OG.

10. What’s your favorite animal?
I’m scared of all animals, ‘cause I don’t know what they’ll do to me!


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